July 01, 2014

D Magazine - The Foundry Bar

"The bar’s wide garage doors slide up to open the interior to the pea-graveled grounds. Gary Buckner, Cliff dweller and recycle king, made a stage from recycled wooden pallets. Stacked pallets, even structurally sound ones, have pockets of empty space, which creates a sense of openness. A huge pecan tree provides shade. Along one side of the courtyard, shipping containers (“cans” if you’re a stevedore) are sliced open like diorama shoe boxes. Thrift-store tables and chairs have been slipped inside, creating cozy living rooms. A chipped, whitewashed fence encloses an area housing a beanbag toss game and tables made from tree stumps. The outside spaces are so inviting that it’s hard to imagine hanging in the smaller interior bar area, industrial garage cool though it may be."

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